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ART IN PARK | Philadelphia

Aiming to enhance public well-being against the backdrop of the city's public parks,

Art in the Park - Philadelphia, a South Philly Nonprofit Community Arts initiative,

offers artists a welcoming platform to showcase, perform, and engage

their community in a positive and culturally stimulating way.

Client: ART IN THE PARK | Philadelphia © 2022


Def Logo Co has become an invaluable partner for the Art in the Park - Philadelphia initiative. Their team understands the unique needs of our nonprofit and delivers designs that resonate with our mission. 

The new logo they created beautifully captures the spirit of our cause and translates seamlessly onto t-shirts worn by artists as they paint in the park, effectively raising brand awareness. 

If you're looking for a branding partner that combines creativity with practicality, Def Logo Co is the perfect choice for you.

Anthony Torcasio -  Executive Director


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